Meet the Doula, Desiree Lauterbach

I am a 40 year old married mother of 5.  I have experienced 5 deliveries, (a traditional vaginal singleton, a cesarean delivery with triplets, 2 more Cesarean deliveries of singleton babies, and an emergency Cesarean delivery of twins).  I know that birthing experiences are more enjoyable & bonding with baby occurs more easily after birth when the mother feels her needs and wishes are 100% supported, and when her experience is a positive one.  For a few of my pregnancies I had been bullied by others to have unwanted interventions, and sometimes my labor companion's stress of watching me be uncomfortable caused me anxiety as their energy affected mine.  During my 5th pregnancy, I sought out a different type of birth experience.  I wanted one where I had someone in my corner offering support of my wants and needs, that would help me progress in labor, as well as having that person there to help my labor & birthing experience be as a relaxed and enjoyable transition as possible.  I also wanted to make sure this positive experience extended to my labor companion, my husband, too.  I had trouble finding this person until I found a compassionate doula.  This led me on the path of becoming one myself.  I feel my knowledge from my varied pregnancy and delivery first hand experiences combined with my education has provided me with the unique ability to understand what you, the expectant mother, are going through.

I work with people from all walks of life, any race, religion, surrogates, LGBT community, single mothers-to-be, you name it!  I am here for you!

My Mission Statement

I want you to have the best labor and delivery experience possible!  This applies to traditional vaginal deliveries as well as Cesarean sections, and every other way possible.  During your labor and delivery, I will not only be your support person but I will also assist in many other ways too.  I will hold your hand, rub your back and feet, take photos (with your camera if you wish), assist you in making you more comfortable & attempt to aid you in your progress using many different positions & techniques, and I will help your labor companion (if you have one) to be at ease while involving them as much as your are comfortable with as well.

Service Options Offered

Because no two women or their situations are alike, I have several different service package options available for you to choose from.  I also have a flexible payment options.  Simply go to the Services page, find the one that works best for you, and Call Me at 314-240-1090 between 9am-8pm (any day), or fill out the form on the Contact Me page to get started.  I will be in contact with you as soon as I am able to discuss your wishes and needs, as well as to answer any question you may have.

Please note:  

  1. Many Doulas charge extra for attendance of Cesarean births, however, I do Not.  I charge the same regardless of how the baby is delivered.  
  2. I will attend a birth of a client at any hospital, birthing center, or home where a midwife or obstetrician conducts the delivery at No additional charge located within a 60 minute drive of zip code 62208.