The 3 Step Process

FREE Consultation

The very first step is to contact me for a FREE Consultation.  If I am busy, and unable to do it when you call, we will setup an appointment to do so.  The consultation can takes on average 30-60 minutes, and can be done by telephone or Google Hangouts.  If you have a birth companion, such as the baby's father/partner (or a family member or friend), that will be with you during your pregnancy, labor, & delivery, the three of us will discuss your wishes, needs, and your situation. We will discuss fears, and your desired labor and delivery experience.

Hire Your Doula

We will meet in person to go over again what it is that you desire for your labor and delivery.  We will discuss pregnancy, labor, and postpartum topics, discuss some options you have available to achieve them, and address any concerns you and your birth partner may have.  Once we have discussed everything, and you feel like we are a good fit to work together during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery journey, you will sign a contract for services to be provided based on the service package you chose and provide an initial payment for those services.  Typically, initial payment is 1/2 the total package amount.  Payment can be made in one lump sum or in installments.  Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted forms of payment (however, an additional 5% fee will apply if a credit card is used).  Please note, you are responsible to pay for your Doula services, that medical insurance is not billed.

Our Journey Begins

After the signed contract and payment have been received, we will begin working together.  You will be provided informative materials, to inform you and to help you prepare for what is to come, we will setup any appointments, discuss the birth plan, and address the areas as outlined in the services package you have selected to receive.

During your pregnancy, you and your labor companion will have access to me by phone any time you need me during working hours (9am-8pm every day), and you may call me 24/7 (any time day or night) when you go into labor so that we can coordinate meeting at either your house during early labor or at the hospital you have chosen to deliver at.

I will then stay by your side from active labor on until you deliver, and even stay for up to 2 hours after delivery/postpartum care in order to continue assisting you if so desired.  I can even provide ongoing care assistance after you leave the hospital and go home as well.  Just ask about Postpartum Doula services.